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Social Event Caterer in CT

Bourassa Catering & Events loves doing social events. With an air of fun and a focus on elegance, social gatherings are special events in our lives. The food that's served needs to reflect this. After all, your event should be distinctive and memorable. We always strive to exceed your expectations. Awarded for our service, Bourassa Catering & Events is high class - but not pretentious. We're pleased that our many clients bring us back frequently. Why do they? Our high standards for food, service and custom presentation are better than anyone else.

So what are your needs? A light-hearted community event or block party A full-service sit down dinner with cocktails and dancing Whatever your needs, Bourassa Catering & Events will delight you with a menu tailored specifically to your special event.

Over the years, we have been privileged to serve guests at every type of event listed above. Whether you are planning a graduation party, reunion, or any other social event, we understand the importance of your special day. You can trust that we will make the event that much more memorable with a menu that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Sample Menu

Not sure what you want to do? Need to coordinate for special food selections? Look no further than Bourassa Catering & Events.

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